Appreciation Prompts Emulation Which Breeds Creation

I love books by artist and craftspeople.  I love Pinterest, YouTube, Instructables, the library, crafts fairs, boutiques and anywhere else I revel in the beauty and cleverness of others.  My sketch books are full of ideas inspired by what I have seen and observed.  I have accumulated more ideas, to date,  than I could possibly complete in a lifetime. Yet I am full aware that I will continue fill the pages of the three sketch books I received, from my beloved, with more inspiration, notes and experiments.


After recently purchasing a book by Lisa Barth, Timeless Wire Weaving, The Compete Course, I committed to completing each project in order.  Generally, I'm more prone to picking out bits and pieces, often applying them to an entirely different medium.  Following someone else's in-print progressions is well outside my norm and I currently find myself traveling down the path named humility.

"Humility?" you say.  Yes, humility.  The very first project was not to my liking; too simplistic,  too rudimentary.  I will quote myself here, "Simple doesn't necessarily equal easy."  On my very first attempt, I literally took a wrong turn and found myself with two unfinished, mismatched earrings, prompting me to create another "matching" mismatched pair.  At permutation number three, there are four more (at least) planned; each one a potential resolution to creative angst.


Initially, I thought I could blow through the book in a few months. This is no longer the case.  I look forward to sharing the path with you in the new and ever evolving collection: Journeys.


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