Woven bracelet with bead
Woven bracelet with bead

Woven bracelet with bead

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Comfortable to wear wire woven band, with ample clasp. Green and amber focal bead.

tumbled and sealed.

Fits wrist to 7" (17.8 cm)

Included With Your Purchase

  • resealable bag with anti-tarnish strip
  • Care instructions

 Caring for unsealed copper

  • This piece will oxidize naturally.  Regular wear will keep the high points shiny, enhancing the texture of the weaves and designs.
  • The natural oxidation process can be slowed by storing your wearable art in an enclosed environment such as a jewelry box or with the anti-tarnish strip in the zip bag included with your purchase.
  • You may restore the shine by rubbing gently with a lint-free cloth or using a mild metal polish.
  • Life can get in the crevices. Your wearable art may be cleaned by gently scrubbing with a toothbrush and dish soap (such as dawn or ivory.) Lay it out on a towel to dry.  You may use a hairdryer to ensure no lingering moisture.  Use caution as the copper can become hot. 
  • Avoid exposing it to acidic environments including water, detergents, lotions, hairspray and deodorants. 

Sometimes We Don't Want To Go Green...

  • I wear my copper jewelry next to the skin without any skin reaction (and I am sensitive to oh so many things.) 
  • Should you experience any greenish tinge, following the above care instructions will usually remedy the occurrence.
  • There are some white papers out in cyber-land that correlate deficiencies in vitamin D and/or B-12 with an  oxidation response on skin, i.e. the greenish tinge. It's worth checking out if you experience the phenomenon.